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Getting your business online

Times have changed and so have prices. The need to spend 10′s of thousands to create a web presence is over.

Hosting prices are lower than they have ever been and provide basically unlimited space and bandwidth with excellent support and uptime. As hardware prices fall and technology advances, these gains are passed on to the consumer.

The introduction of stable and secure open source content management systems (CMS) over the years has also driven down web development prices. Open source plug-ins for these CMS’s are available for almost any feature you require in your website, further driving down costs. These content management systems (CMS) allow you to have unlimited pages, of various types. Website design houses limiting clients to 5 pages are either stuck in the past or desperately trying to cling on to the rates of yesteryear.
Web users are spoilt for choice in CMS offerings, from WordPress to Joomla to many others.
Once a website is setup using any of these website content management systems, further maintenance and updates are easy as pie and has never been easier. Skilling up on any of these CMS’s to manage your website’s basic content would at most take 2 hours to be proficient on. New website page additions and website content updates can now be done at will by the website owner and at no extra cost.

Website design prices have also seen a decrease, due to the many templates freely available. A few modifications to the available templates can have your business website up and running in no time. Gone are the days of expensive flash-based website designs. Modern website designs are now geared to facilitating better search engine rankings while offering a feast to the eyes with high-resolution images and elegant colors. Sourcing images for a website has cost-free alternatives as well, contributing to lower website design costs.

Internet and bandwidth prices in South Africa are witnessing a great reduction in cost thanks to the introduction of high-speed overseas cables as well as an aggressively competitive market. This reduction in cost will see a great uptake in internet usage for individuals hunting for businesses and for businesses attracting customers.

With more and more people logging on everyday via pc’s or mobile, the need to have an online presence is a necessity to compete & survive in our ever-changing business landscape. And now, with such low prices providing professional, practical websites, the era of ignoring web is over.